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We have various types of sage. Sage has been used in ancient ceremonies and is commonly know as smudging. Using sage will cleanse the space you are in, cleanse objects you use(like crystals), and can even cleanse yourself of negative energies! Cleansing your area is a great way to set the stage for a HIGH VIBES ONLY area! Sage also is able to rid the air of bacteria, very needed right now.

As with all the products that are sent from us, we charge this with high frequency vibes and LOVE & LIGHT! Stay lit my friends!


Big Boy Sage- This is is our BIG BOY Cali sage, 8-9 inches to be exact! 

Rainbow Sage- You will receive 2 bundles of 3-4″ long sage bundles.Each stick will vary slightly, but all smudge bundles are colorful and wrapped with rose petals.

Eucalyptus Sage- You will receive 2 bundles of of 4-5" long sage wrapped in eucalyptus 

Blue Sage- You will receive 2 bundles of 4-5" long blue sage bundles.


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